The Artist Biography

Travis is an award winning artist who has been carving for over 10 years. He travels across the United States to perform in various fairs, festivals, and competitions. There is no limit to what Travis can do with his chainsaw. Travis carves a variety of animals on a regular basis, as well as many custom signs and logos for businesses. 

Travis' wife Maggie started to help with the carving in 2009. She has carved a few sculptures but prefers to do the finish work on Travis' carvings. As Travis says  "she gives them the woman's touch".  This allows them to travel together and work together on a daily basis. They feel very blessed to be able to do so.

Travis and Maggie are both from the Adirondack region of Northern New York. When Travis headed to Fort Collins, Colorado to study Wildlife Management at Colorado State University there was no turning back. Now they now live in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. 

They both enjoy their work very much. When they not working they love to explore. Whether its in the Mountains of Colorado, back in the Adirondacks of New York or overseas. They look forward to each new opportunity to travel and find many inspirations for their work during these journeys. 

Hopefully you will have an opportunity to come out and meet the Reed's at one of their shows. If not you can contact them for further information.