Care For Your Carving

Congratulations on your purchase! Please keep in mind that you have purchased a piece of wood, unlike other sculptures made of clay, or plastic your sculpture may check and crack.  The checking and cracking does not affect the integrity of the wood. We do not warranty carvings against checking and cracking, this is normal and we think it adds to their character. Here are some guidelines to limit checking and cracking: 

  • Outdoor Carvings:

    Keep your carving out of direct sunlight. It is best if you can put your sculpture under a porch, or in significant shade.

    Your carving should not come in direct contact with the ground. You can elevate it with stones, or bricks to promote airflow between the ground and the carving.

    Re-coat your carving with a high-end oil based exterior deck finish or polyurethane when it starts to look dry, or grey. 

    CWF OIL by Flood, Cabot’s Timber oil are some good exterior sealers or any high quality exterior polyurethane. These can usually be found in  local hardware stores or Home Depot.

    Indoor Carvings:

    Keep the carving away from a heat source (fireplace, heat registers) or direct sunlight that may enter through a window or door.

    Re-coat with an oil based polyurethane, and make sure you cover all of it, from the top to UNDER the base!

    Please contact us if you have further questions or concerns on caring for your carving.